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Burnsville Car Loans

Burnsville Car Loans

Burnsville, Minnesota residents

Do you need a car loan? Billion Auto wants to help you get auto financing! We don't care if you have a court judgement, bankruptcy or any other 

bad credit problems on your credit report. We have a wide range of car loans to offer our Burnsville area customers that will suit your requirements.

We have used car financing for people all over Minnesota. Sub-prime auto loans are available for your particular economic condition. We work with a wide variety of banks and lenders so you don't need to worry about getting an auto loan.

We don't just work with people in the particular cities that our dealerships are located - we work with anyone from anywhere in the Midwest! Don't be afraid to come in and talk to us if you've been bankrupt before. Remember, you don't need perfect credit to get auto financing from Burnsville.

So, if you live in Minnesota, give us a call today or visit our site and fill out your 
loan pre-approval form!

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